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Sports For All (AGO)

National Programmes

agoIn 1975 Council of Europe recognized the movement “Sports for All” as social service.

The Cyprus Sports Organization set in operation the Peogramme in 1985 following a suggestion of the then President of CSO Mr. Kyriakos Neocleous.  

This is a Programme that aims to the healthy sports practising by citizens and by offering happiness, well-being, entertainment, fitness and health.

There are 300 Sports Centres that operates in whole free Cyprus and participate in these 10.000 members of all ages.

There are 80 skilled teachers of Physical Education that serve the Sports Centres on a Pancyprian level. The success of the programme is directly based on the scientific training and on the pedagogical approach of teachers.

The main protagonist of the Programme is the Child. The child that has the opportunity, through the General Sports Programme that takes place in the Sports areas of Schools, to get to know and love Sports. To be educated through sports and in the future as adolescence and as adult to be pleased through sports practicing.

These last years, focus has been given to the development of Specialized Sports. Children have loved these programmes through which they have the opportunity to choose the sports that they like to practice and to exclusively deal with this.

At the same time there are also the Programmes for Adults (Men and Women) while gradually elderly people are access these services. We are really grad to say that we have stated that the number of people participating in these programmes is very much increased.

The ProgrammeSports for Allincludes:

Programme of General Sports: It takes place in the Sports areas of all the Primary Schools. The children have the opportunity to deal with basketball, football, handball, volleyball, athletics and to acquire skills that will help them enjoy sports.

Specialized Programmes: This programme runs the sports that cannot operate in terms of the “General Sports” programme and they are conducted in specially designed sports areas. In greater detail, the following programmes operate:

   1. Gymnastics
   2. Tennis
   3. Taekwondo
   4. Dancing
   5. Judo
   6. Karate
   7. Child and Swimming
   8. Football
   9. Volleyball
  10. Basketball
  11. Futsal
  12. Beach Volley
  13. Archery
  14. Badminton

Child and Summing: It takes place during the summer May, June, and July and is expanded to all the cities and in the countryside. To be more specific the below-mentioned centres operate:

  1. Olympic Municipal Swimming Pool of Nicosia
       2. Municipal Swimming Pool of Limassol
       3. Municipal Swimming Pool of Larnaca
       4. Municipal Swimming Pool of Pafos
       5. Agia Napa – Private Swimming Pool
       6. Kornos- Private Swimming Pool
       7. Kakopetria - Private Swimming Pool
       8. Agros
       9. Arediou

    Sports for All in pre-school education: Since the academic year 1999-2000 the children of pre-school age accessed the programme. This programme initially operated in Limassol district and had some very positive results and since 2001 it was expanded to all regions. This programme aims to made children of pre-school age more active in terms of movement and psycho-spiritual growing through playing activities.

    Sports Programme and Women – Men: This programme covers big urban areas and is expanded to rural centres.

    The Programmes that operates are as follows:

  2. Aerobics
       2. Basketball
       3. Swimming
       4. Tennis
       5. Adults Self-Defense
       6. Volleyball
       7. Futsal

    Sports and elderly people: This Programme aims to continue the Physical activity during all ages. This programme operates in cooperation with Municipalities and the corresponding Clubs of Elderly People.

    Programme for People with Special Needs:The Cyprus Sports Organization implementing the philosophy of the AGO Programme for providing of equal opportunities to sports for all people, regardless sex, age, social position and first of all regardless the level of psychic and physical health, operates special programmes for people that go to the School of Blind People and for the students of the Special Schools of Nicosia, Skapaneas – Special School of Paliometoho, of Larnaca and Famagusta.

Sports Events: These aim to enhance the competitive activity of the children that participate in the Programme, to grow in them the sentiment of fair play and to allow to choose children with special athletic skills through the organization of local regional and local championships as follows: 

   1. Handball
   2. Basketball
   3. Football
   4. Cross-country race
   5. Athletics
   6. Volleyball

The responsible Administrator of the programme Sports for All is: Ms. Efi Mouzourou – Penintaex 1st Administrator.

Contact number of AGO: 22897202.