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The illegal “athletic associations” and the illegal “athletic federations” in the occupied areas of the Republic of Cyprus.

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The Republic of Cyprus is an independent and sovereign state, member of the United Nations and the European Union as well as of other international Organisations. The Government of the Republic of Cyprus is the only internationally recognized Government in Cyprus and has power in the whole island. On the contrary, the so-called self-proclaimed “Turkish republic of north Cyprus (trnc)” is an illegal status-quo which has never been recognized from any official body or country internationally. To be more specific, the ex-parte declaration of independence of “trnc” (15th of November 1983) has been convicted by the UN in the relevant Resolution of Security Council 541 (1983) and 550 (1984) which declared as “illegal and void” this so-called “state” and declares that “this aforementioned separatist entity cannot be facilitated or helped in any way”.

Therefore, the so-called “athletic associations” and “athletic federations” that are active in the occupied areas of the Republic, operate under the so-called “legislation” of the so-called “Turkish republic of north Cyprus” and are not recognized by the international community but only by Turkey.

Up until 2008, based on information provided, 29 illegal “athletic federations” are active in occupied areas and approximately 14,000 people are registered in these. These are the following: North Cyprus Olympic Committee, Cyprus Turkish Football Federation, North Cyprus Volleyball Federation, North Cyprus Handball Federation, Turkish Cypriot Basketball Federation, North Cyprus Tennis Federation, North Cyprus automobile club, North Cyprus Aviation Association, North Cyprus Swimming Federation, North Cyprus Taekwondo Federation, North Cyprus Shooting Federation, Association of Mountaineering, North Cyprus Federation of Disabled Sports, North Cyprus of chess players, North Cyprus University Sports Federation, Turkish-Cypriot referees Association, Badminton Federation of North Cyprus, Billiards Federation of North Cyprus, Bocce Federation of North Cyprus, North Cyprus bike lovers association, EasyKart Federation of North Cyprus, Football tennis Association of North Cyprus, Judo, hapkido and Kickboxing Federation of North Cyprus, Wrestling Northern Cyprus Federation, which develop also their respective sport activities.

All these so-called “athletic associations” that already operate in occupied areas, perform training sessions and carry out matches in courts / stadiums that have been constructed illegally in the properties that mostly belong to Greek-Cypriot citizens who are displaced and were obliged to leave their houses because of the Turkish invasion took place in 1974 and because of the up to currently military occupation of the 36.2% of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus. Pursuant to the Cypriot legislation the exploitation of property that belongs to another person is illegal while the Greek-Cypriots that are owners of property can sue the usurpers of their property. It is noted that Turkey has been declared as responsible in cases heard before the European Court of Human Rights, for violation of the rights of the Greek-Cypriots who own land and properties in occupied areas.

Legal and institutional framework of the Republic of Cyprus for the registration of associations and foundations and for their recognition in the athletic register.

a. Cyprus Sports Organization:

The Cyprus Sports Organization (CSO) is the highest Sports Authority of the Republic of Cyprus and is governed by the Cyprus Sports Organization’s Laws of 1969 until 2002. Pursuant to the Law “sports federation” the present law includes ant sports federation that was legally established and operates in the Republic, aiming to promote the sports as extra-curriculum activities in Cyprus and of which the members are associations that were legally established and operate in the Republic. The federation acquires a legal personality pursuant to the Law related to its recognition (101(1)/1992). Pursuant to that same law the term “sports confederation” includes any organization that was legally established in the Republic aiming to the promotion of the extra-curriculum sports activities pf Cyprus and of which the founded members are sports federations and include committees and unions etc. of this structure (101(1)/1992).

Association that was legally founded in the Republic aiming to promote the extra-curriculum sports activities of Cyprus in general and shall be applied of athletic recognition by the Organisation and is registered in a sports register that is kept for this objective and receives a special certificate for the recognized registration.

Association that has athletic recognition from the Organization has the right to access, when this association requests this, to the jurisdiction of the corresponding athletic federation.

An athletic federation that gains athletic recognition from the Organisation and is registered to an athletic register that is kept especially for this objective and receives a special certificate pursuant to the provisions of the Cyprus Sports Organisation’s Laws.

b. Cyprus Olympic Committee:

The Cyprus Olympic Committee is a non-governmental, non-profitable organisation of limitless duration created pursuant to the Olympic Chart with guidelines that were proved by the International Olympic Committee. The Cyprus Olympic Committee based on its Articles of Association integrates as member any National Federation which is integrated in International Federations which regulates sports which are included in the programme of Olympic Games. Additionally, it shall integrate aby federation that is member in International Federations that are recognized from IOC and the sports therefore that are not included in the programme of Olympic Games.

The so-called "north Cyprus Olympic committee” is not recognized either by the International Olympic Committee or by any other International Body.

The so-called “sports associations” and the “sports federations” that operate under the so-called “legislation” of the so-called “Turkish republic of north Cyprus” (“TRNC”) pursuant to the international law they are illegal entities and they are not recognized by the Republic of Cyprus.

c. Legislations and Regulations of the Republic of Cyprus for the operation of Sports Federations and Associations:

  • The Cyprus Sports Association Law of 1969 to 2002 
  • The Cyprus Sports Association Law of 1970 to 1996 (GENERAL PROVISIONS AND DISCIPLINE) 
  • Articles of Association of Cyprus Olympic Committee which is approved by the International Olympic Federation. 
  • The Associations and Foundations Law of 1972 
  • The Associations and Foundations Laws of 1973

On the basis of the relevant Legislation governing the registration of associations and foundations CSO can register and recognize Turkish-Cypriot associations based on the legal framework that governs the under-reference procedures in the Republic of Cyprus.

On the basis of the non-discrimination principle of the right of participation of Turkish-Cypriot athletes to the local championships, both the associations and the sports Federations can register to their human resources the Turkish-Cypriots that they wish to participate on the basis of the provisions governing their Articles of Association and on the basis of the legal framework concerning the Republic of Cyprus.