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Sports Academy

Επιτροπές CSO

The Sports Academy of the Cyprus Sports Organization is the competent body of CSO that is responsible for the promotion of education, research information and technology in sports.

The Sports Academy is managed from a Committee that is consisted of three Members who are also Members of the Board of Directors of CSO.


Member of the Committee

Leondias Tselepos - President

Kaiti Loucaidou - Hadjikyriakou - Member

Stelios Stylianou - Member

Costakis Koukkoulis - Member

The constant education of the human resource that is involved in the sports area, is a basic element to the effort of growing and improvement of the knowledge level and therefore the improvement of the level of sports in whole. 

For this reason, the main objective of the Sports Academy of Cyprus Sports Organization is to properly educate and develop the sports human resource. In these terms, the Sports Academy aims to the continuous upgrade of the knowledge and cooperation with all the athletic entities always aiming to effectively satisfy the education needs of the sports human resource of Cyprus.

For this purpose, and especially in relation with the organization and implementation of educational programmes, Sports Academy will organize education programmes as well as the sports entities will be able to address to the Sports Academy in order to approve the organization of these programmes.  

The examination and approval of education programmes take place in terms of the general directions of CSO’s policies, of the priorities that are defined from the Sports Academy Committee as well as in the context of the possibilities of budget that are registered on the Guide of Policy Procedures for educational programmes.

The policy and the procedures governing the cooperation of Sports Academy with all sports entities for the approval, organization and funding of educational programmes are described in the Guide.  

For any further enquiries in relation with information and forms that are included in the Guide, as well as for other services and activities of the Sports Academy, the interested parties are please to address the Responsible Administrator of the Organization Mr. Andreas Markides at the telephone number 22897114.