Cyprus Handball Federation

Administrative Council
President Charalampos Lottas
Vice-President Sotiris Stavrinos
General Secretary Panos Antoniou
Treasurer Christina Karagiorgi
Executive Office Michalis Argyrou
Members Stavros Panagiotou
  Panagiotis Siapanias
  Michalis Pelekanos
General Information
Address Ionos 20
2406 Nicosia
Telephone 22663650
Fax 22667050

Established: 1974

Membership in International Federations

Number of Members of the Federation

Men Division A': 8
Men Division B': 13
Women : 7

Main Goals of the Federation

The organization, the administration, the spreading, the development, and the uplift of the sport of Handball throughout the country, in accordance with the principles of sportsmanship.

Achieving the above goal is sought

1. Through the co-operation with the members and communication with them for the purpose of better organizing, spreading, and developing Handball.

2. Trough the organizing and conducting of championship games in all divisions amongst the teams included in its force. Based on each season’s proclamations of the Federation.

3. Through the constitution of National Handball Teams.

4. Through the moral and material support of its members so as to promote the desired goal.

5. Through participation in International or other Handball games

6. Through proceedings and representations to the sport’s supervising authority with regards to the need for an essential improvement of the existing sports grounds -as well as the need for creating new, modern ones.

7. Through co-operation with the state and its relevant organizations / authorities and through the coupling and collaboration between non-school and school sports.

8. Through co-operating with the coaches, referees, judges, and the other factors of the sport

9. Through issuing publications, periodicals, the printing of rules and regulations, etc

10. Through making public certain lectures and speeches so as to promote the sport and develop the spirit of sportsmanship.

11. Through organizing “further education” seminars and through sending coaches and referees abroad.

12. Through establishing friendly relations with the corresponding foreign Federations

13. Through the co-operation with other Sports’ Authorities and Associations that have similar goals with those of the Federation.

14. Through whatever else is deemed necessary for the progress and prosperity of the sport of Handball.



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